Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Many Faces of Veda!

Ignore the Frosting Face and fingers, we had just finished baking :)

Thanksgiving Eve

We had a bake fest this evening, Sugar cookies with my special frosting and sprinkles! My favorite part is probably packaging them up on turkey paper plates and ribbon pictured above. The next picture is what was a centerpiece in our living room, Veda added her own personal touches to it and I thought it was a perfect example of what holidays are now, more fun of course! I hope everyone has a great Holiday tomorrow!

Tower builder extraordinaire!

I was putting away clothes and came out to this the other day! So proud of my naked kid! Regardless if they were in a stack according to size to begin with, that took skill to build them up without knocking them over! wooo!!

Tangled, Babydolls and Burrrrrr its cold!

Monday we went to run our normal errands and ended up finding a cool babydoll set that included TONS of accessories on sale....well of course we had to get it:) she's been obsessed with it ever since and its not prompting me to go through all of her toys yet again that she doesn't play with. She's been trying to sit in the baby's play pen, as you can see from the pic below so we'll see how long until she breaks the thing.

This Mommas been busy dealing with some tooth complications and making Christmas presents, lots of fun things on the horizon, I have a feeling of anxious excited happening for the future and it isn't even new years yet! Not only are Holidays my favorite time of year, but I really love dressing this little girl up for all the occasions, its part obsession part hobby.

So on Tuesday...well technically Wednesday since it was at midnight we went to see the midnight showing of Tangled! I was a bit concerned if Veda would actually sit through the movie since she hasn't sat through one in the theatre since Toy Story 3 in June. She made it about 45 minutes, which I was pretty impressed by. I think the main mistake was actually letting her take a nap before so she'd be awake for it, if I hadn't I'm positive she would have fallen asleep 45 minutes into it instead of wanting to run a marathon. Didn't leave the movie's tho, in these situations I just put her into her stroller and walk her back and forth up the side aisle and continue watching/listening to the movie and it was super cute! I cant wait to buy the soundtrack, for Veda of course ;). We are working on some delicious desserts tonight to take to Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow, so If I have time I will post again later with the results! Sugar cookies and a Reese's bar experiment are on the menu, I'm so grateful to have an amazing little helper for Holiday baking this year.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lazy Gloom

This has been our lovely day. Its finally cold here in California and I've had a lot of housework to catch up on so we've been inside ALL day! With the exception that I had some business to attend to without her this AM. Normally this is a recipe for disaster and Veda will spend every moment trying to 'escape' by finding my keys to try and open the front door, her toy keys will do as well, while she repeats BYE BYE like a broken record and tries to put her shoes on. Well not today! She's played in her room with her dolly alllllll day with the exception of some reading and flash card time, some coloring, a movie and meals. Its been so relaxing for me to be able to hang out inside and not feel horrible because she wants out. Tomorrow we will be more prepared for this winter weather, which I've waited for with open arms!


I'd like to introduce everyone to my beautiful 18 month old daughter. Her name is Veda-Ann Audrey and she loves to giggle, cuddle, learn, and play, she gets to do all these things everyday with ME, I'm Veda's Mommy! I'm a 24 year old SAHM (for now) with lots of hobbies, projects, and to-do lists that never seem to be done, but my favorite part of my life is spending everyday with my VedaLove. We reside in sunny Southern California, I love to be in a location where we can go to the beach, Disneyland, Hollywood and Sea World all in the same week! I will sign my post's as "Veda's Positive Mommy" because I like to believe I do my best to see the bright side of things everyday, a happy Mommy makes a happy child and I try to remember that. You bring about what you think about, or complain about ;). I've started this blog for Veda and you, If you dont know us personally this will give you a little taste of who we are, and if you do know us and still aren't sick of hearing about our daily activities on twitter or facebook then more power to ya! Welcome. Post's will be about anything and everything that may happen during our day, let the adventure's begin....err uhh continue!